Web Directory Submission Guide

Submission tips

Consider these tips when writing your website details for the submissions.

Ensure your website is ready for submission

Web directory managers are looking to accept good, high quality websites, and nothing else. Before you start submitting your website ensure it looks good, is free of adverts, is not under construction and does not have any spam. If your site looks unready or unprofessional, for any reason, it is likely to be rejected from a web directory.

Check the web directory rules or guidelines carefully

Popular web directories receive thousands of applications to review. Therefore, they develop rules and guidelines for your submission. These rules are put in place to ensure that the submission and approval process can flow as smoothly as possible, as well as to help the directory select only the sites that are, in fact, relevant.

Consider your submission website details carefully

When search engines count the number of links, or votes, to a website, they also consider factors regarding the link. The anchor text is of great importance. This suggests to the search engine the topic of the page. Web directories use the title field as the anchor text. Consider your title carefully, although some web directories only allow you to submit the site name in the title field, to prevent abuse of this field. Also important is the description field of your site, as search engines consider the text around the link also.

Select your category carefully

Select a category the best suits your site, as the text of other listings on the page will also help your link.
Consider this: if there are so many websites already in the travel category, that a second exists, the PageRank of the second page will be less than the first. Therefore you would want to get a link on the first page, and not the second. With a paid submission, your link will appear on the first page, with a free submission your website will appear at the end of the list. Submitting your website to a directory when it first appears, although it has low PageRank, can be beneficially in the long run as your link will appear early on the category pages.

Think creatively also. If your website is about holiday car rental, you may consider submitting to the rental, transport or travel categories.

I suspect the transport category will have less links than the travel category, and therefore a link there will be more valuable.

Web directory managers typically have thousands of websites to review, and websites submitted to inappropriate categories will almost certainly be rejected.

Vary your website submissions

Once you have written good details for your website, and submitted them to a number of websites, lets say 10, you should then change the website details, and then continue submitting to more escort web directories. Search engines like to see a variation in the details of a link, and the text around the link. Gaining 100 web directory links with identical details will not be as beneficial as 10 lots of 10 links with differing details.

Use form management software

Rather than copying and pasting your website details from notepad to each web directory form, use RoboForm, or similar form management software. With these applications, a new toolbar appears in your web browser. Once you have setup each of your website’s details, you just need to click a button, and the submission form of the web directory is filled in with your website details. When posting your website details to 100 different web directories, form management software makes life much easier.